The First-Ever Student Pilot-CFI RELATIONSHIP Platform

S61C™ is a Student-CFI RELATIONSHIP platform that allows CFIs to learn how their students learn, manage their training activities, and for student-pilots to train with their CFI how and when the individual student-pilot likes to learn. S61C™ is a platform that facilitates the improvement of student-pilots and Certificated Flight Instructors (CFI) relations and makes their relationship better. Normally during the interaction with students and CFI, the student would go out and learn the material then go back to the CFI for the training. What this does, is that the students learn one thing from the online ground school or some other type of school, then they go to the flight instructor for the practical training in the actual aircraft. The problem with online schools and training programs like these is that they do not encompass the actual training at should occur. They merely train the student to pass the FAA written exam. Therefore, the CFI has the task of actually training the knowledge needed for the student-pilot to become an actual certificated pilot. Thus, the CFI spends a lot of their time training the student-pilot the principles of flight, maneuvers, and in-flight items needed. This leads to the CFI spending on average 2 1/2 hours with a single student, with an average of only 1 hour actually spent flying. S61C™ assures that the student can learn through the direct help of the CFI on a virtual programmable platform.

Student-pilots have access to features such as

  • Gain access to their CFI virtually anytime via the chat function of the platform. With the chat function students, can send text messages and make voice and video calls to their CFI, all from within the platform
  • Access virtually all of the FAA training material needed for the student-pilot.
  • Socialize and communicate with other students with the StudentLounge™ - Here students can upload Documents, PDFs, Links, and Videos, and get immediate feedback from their peers, As well as seek out detail help from other student pilots regarding materials that are not readily accessible to them. Unlike the community, this feature in the platform is only accessible to students. This is the students' place to be totally open amongst themselves about their flight trainings and experiences.
  • Set availabilities - This way the CFI knows when the student is available, the way the CFI can organize their training activity around the student's availability.
  • Use the community to get answers to general questions - This feature is accessible by the CFI and therefore any student or CFI on the platform can help students figure out something they might need help with.

CFIs have access to features such as

  • The Psychographic Learning Profiles (PLP) of their students (to ensure that the lesson plan they create for any student matches the student's specific learning style) - This single feature solve a major problem in training students, from the CFIs’ perspective, they have to get to learn and know each student in order to be effective. By having this feature the instructor know what the student learning style is and how best to present the materials for the student to learn most effectively and efficiently. Normally without S61C™, this process of the CFI figuring out the students’ learning style takes about 10 hours of lesson time and another 5 hours for the average CFI to design the right training for the individual student. With an average hourly rate of $60, this can be costly to the student. With S61C™ PLP, both students and CFIs can save the 10 hours needed to get to know the specific learning style of the particular student.
  • Add all their lesson plan and material from their CFI binder to the platform making it easy to share respective training material with their students.
  • Set training availability so their students can know what their availabilities for training are.
  • Set and monitor training schedules with students.
  • Create and assign students assignments..
  • Create, assign and administer quizzes for their students.

S61C™ allows the CFI to save time with a student in the training of the ground information. They can focus more on flying since the platform will help the student learn the way they like to learn. That is, through electronic media on the iPhone and iPad tablet. While the CFI is still able to impart their knowledge and their unique training style to the student. S61C™ allows the CFI to provide the same one on one training with the student while the student doesn't have to be with the CFI for long periods of time during ground instructions, saving valuable time and money for both CFIs and Students-Pilots. This allows the CFI to spend more time flying with students, and students spend more time learning the way they like to learn, hence, student save money by not having the CFI teaching them the ground portion of the flight instruction in person, and the CFI saves time that can be easily converted into more in-flight time with students. In-flight time for the CFI is particularly valuable because most CFI does flight training to build the flight hours (1,500 hrs.) needed to get to the airlines. With this in mind, we see where the students save time and money by being with the instructor for less time while learning the ways they like to learn through their unique learning styles, psychographic learning profile, and pace. The CFI, on the other hand, gets to spend more time flying the aircraft, and building the hours needed if they're going to the airlines. For those CFIs who have no intentions of going to the airlines, they recoup that time to spend in personal ways while not losing money but gaining money and revenue while not doing much of the ground instructions, and with all of this the CFI still get to impart their way of intimate personal training to the student.

With S61C™ you TRAIN, SAVE and CONNECT